Addiction Program

Addiction Program

Change is a Choice – Substance Use is a 5 week recurring program of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services that is facilitated by staff of The Salvation Army – Correctional and Justice Services. This program provides information about drugs and alcohol and the opportunity to personalize that information. People who complete this program almost always feel they have learned much, know what they want to do with regard to substance use and where to find help. People are typically referred by Probation and Parole officers, but there is often capacity to accept self-referrals.

Intensive Intervention Support is a 1-1 support for people who have completed the Change is a Choice group and who are seeking support in in applying the principles learned in the program.

Intensive Substance Use rehabilitation Group is for provincial offenders referred by their Probation and Parole officer for in-depth support in coping with their addictions.

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Addiction Program Facilitator
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